Free audit for GDPR compliance

Having your website compliant with the GDPR requirements is a must, no doubt about it. However, you may not always be fully aware of what apps are running on your website for instance, whether you should ask for explicit consent or not, or how to properly inform your users.

We can help. Having a solid background in marketing technologies & big data handling but also privacy & data protection, we can run a free compliance audit for your website and further assist you with getting it fixed, if necessary.

What will we tell you?

  • What are the applications used on your website that would require explicit consent (homepage + other two randomly picked pages);
  • If you allow these applications to run only after receiving consent;
  • If you properly inform your users when asking consent;
  • If you provide your users with the means to exercise all their rights, as required by the GDPR;
  • If the information in your privacy policy/ cookie policy is complete and intelligible.

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