We are a company dedicated to data and tools to operate it.

Basically, a group of digital marketers that wanted to build products they would truly love to use. Plus a bunch of servers.

Avandor spawned from one of the most awarded digital agencies in Romania, active on the market for 17 years and working with the largest brands in telecom, banking, media, travel and consumer goods.

After working on the most complex projects out there and analyzing all available tools, we have decided to build a platform that is both intelligent and easy to use.

Meet the core team responsible for your solutions:

Marius Deak

Founder & CEO

With more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Marius is one of the pioneers of the romanian online advertising market and also the creator of Avandor's key algorithms. Marius understands data and technology, but can speak business or marketing just as well.

Georgiana Bedivan

Head of Compliance

After heading the client service department, Georgiana was inspired to take on GDPR and compliance, as her mind is quite versed on legal aspects. Previously she has worked in Romania's Parliament as well as political marketing campaigns across the globe.

Roxana Stan

Co-founder, Head of Marketing services

With strong background on research and statistics, Roxana spends a lot of time making Avandor more relevant both on consumer data but also on the client needs. She handles complex deployment projects, also designing and optimizing campaign strategies.

Dora Teculescu

Head of Data & Analytics

Having spent a lot of her 7 years experience in campaign optimization and performance marketing, Dora helps clients get the most efficiency of their data strategies. Dora always wants to test another scenario looking for the perfect targeting and its ROI.

Alex Ionescu

Head of UX & Personalisation

Alex has designed websites and user journeys for the past 15 years before joining Avandor to help clients understand how they can use data and technology to craft personalized experiences.

Bogdan Belu

Head of Infrastructure

Bogdan has 20+ years of hands-on experience with servers, infrastructures, scalability and high-availability, all skills that are very important for our day-to-day activity. He has been involved with Avandor's tech layer right from the beginning.

Aela Cotabita

Head of Communication

Aela's 16 years of experience with PR & corporate communications, and her strong background in both IT and Marketing make her the best person to handle PR & media relations for Avandor.

Traian Paicu

Legal Advisor

Traian's is specialized in Internet law, Intellectual Property & Data Protection, and brings both legal advice and business experience to the team. He is also one of our investors, having invested in various startups that deal with data.

Stephen O'Brien

Board Advisor

Formerly Director of Digital (EMEA) at Blackberry and Integrated Digital Marketing Global Lead for BlackBerry 10 Launch, as well as digital advisor other global brands, Stephen brings the global brands perspective into Avandor

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