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Our products work separately or together to help achieve specific goals, so why not check out the most popular use-cases we can help your with:

"I want to build a dynamic retargeting funnel"

DMP + Profiling engine

First you will need to record the data in your own instance of Avandor DMP, by tracking each consumer action (visit, revisit, engage, cart, etc.. ) towards each product into a different segment.

Use the profiling engine to track intent for each product and/or category in order to have a dynamic value that tends to expire

Then set up a data sync with your DSP in order to add/remove users to/from the segments that retarget users

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"I'm looking to target a very specific audience"

Avandor Exchange + Smartpixel

Normally, the audiences you can find available online are based on demographics and/or interests. In order to make them more appealing, data owners also make them pretty wide in order to have many users. But what if you seek "people whose kids are 18m-2y old"?

You'd be amazed, but we can get this data for you using the SmartPixel. We would be basically looking for properties that have such data and get them to provide that data to you.

I want this

"Looking to target people who read online about me or my competitors"


We could get your Avandor Smartpixel looking for specific news or notions across a variety of publishers and news sites in order to collect the data you need.

It's just like tracking directly on their properties, but only specific pages in specific contexts that you define. You would, of course be paying them for this data, but this could still save you a lot of money when running your campaigns.

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I need to add machine learning to my application

Profiling engine + Machine Learning

Most of our technology is built using APIs and using a pay-per-use model. Additionally, we support a variety of user identifiers (besides our own cookies) which makes Avandor suitable for a wide range of use-cases what involve huge amounts of data being processed and machine learning.

You could instantly get analytics, machine learning, predictions and data mining capabilities on your application, combine data with your own internal CRM/databases, and even start retargeting users based on their app data & activity.

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I need help tracking on-page engagement and behavior

Smartpixel + Profiling Engine

Knowing that users visited a product page is easy, how the used it is the hard part. Avandor can help trigger events based on custom-defined on-page behavior (including data collection.

Example: people who want to leave the product page after spending at least 4 minutes, scrolled to >70% and saw or interacted with the special-offers box.

These people can be collected into Avandor or other DMP segments for later reuse, or their intent metrics updated accordingly using the Profiling Engine

. I want this

I want to track the audience of a campaign

Campaign Analytics

Avandor can track complex multi-message, multi-objective and multi-channel campaigns that you run programmatically, or by direct purchase from multiple publishers, bloggers, social media and more.

For all the campaigns we track, we provide detailed real-time analytics loaded with insights on consumers, attribution models as well as predictions and models on how to optimize the results of your campaign by either changing the targeting, messages or inventory.

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