In the months following May 25th, websites got covered by "cookie consent" boxes aiming for a GDPR "quick fix". However, most fail at meeting even its most basic requirements and users' data keeps being processed regardless of their will. Thus, we've decided to build one that actually complies with the requirements of GDPR, as stated by the EU lawmakers:

Introducing Avandor Consent:

Not another cookie consent box, but a true ePrivacy & GDPR compliance platform.

Asks consent for processing purposes as GDPR requires. Focused on the complete data trail not just cookies Blocks tags, apps & cookies from running without consent Includes a tag manager that respects consent Auto-detects everything (cookies, iframes, forms, beacons, etc) Supports online and offline consent, from paper or phone

Four versions available, tailored for specific sizes & needs.

500k monthly traffic (all properties) 25M


Just the basics for proper compliance on a single-language site, aimed to help small companies solve compliance on their sites, at the lowest cost.

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Compliance and common-sense, nothing fancy, aimed to help companies manage consent for multiple sites and simplify privacy policy management.

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This goes over the top + our initial support to help obtain consent and deliver things fast. Includes a tag manager, support for offline consent, data protection inquiries and more.

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Advanced integrations, APIs, and managed service from us This is suitable for large companies with multiple processing systems and complex reporting needs.

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Customized setup

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Full support w/ custom SLA

GDPR training

Onboarding consultancy

Managed service

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What's included in the Mini Standard Complete Enterprise package:

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Auto detection of cookies & trackers not scripts & trackers

Avandor Consent automatically scans the page and browser for cookies and running 3rd-party applications and load the appropriate descriptions for userís review.

Detailed data processing flows

Complete data processing trails that outline all entities involved and their relationships (who's processing what data, on whose behalf and for what purpose etc.)

Privacy policy management

Allows privacy & data protection policies management directly from the consent manager interface, granting users explicit consent option.

Users can access their data

API integration with external client applications that process personal data, user authentication plus secure connection infrastructure

automatic list of companies processing data

Avandor Consent automatically provides details into each detected company that is processing data (apps, cookies, registration info, privacy policy etc.)

manage consent by purposes

Granular consent options are being provided to allow users to consent/ withdraw consent separately for various processing purposes.

manage consent for individual applications

Apart from processing purposes, users can also consent to existing apps and accept/ prevent them from running on your site.

automatic list of used cookies

Used cookies are automatically detected and listed for each user's information and review (includes corresponding apps, companies, purposes)

automatic list of processed data fields

Automatic list of all types of data that are being processed on your site (IP, browsing history, cookies etc., but also e-mail address or other PII)

Consent obtained offline

Avandor supports users' consent status update for specific processing purposes, including by uploading proof document.

Enables consent to website tags

Any tracking scripts or pixels you may use will be deployed by Avandor upon obtaining consent from the user. Also supports integration with other tag managers, by calling the right triggers for each purpose.

Consent-based Tag management

Embedded tag management allows tags for specific applications to be deployed only with consent, adding great features like tag targeting, contextual and on-page behaviour targeting and more.

View & delete unwanted cookies

Unwanted cookies (or cookies that do not have consent) can be viewed and even deleted individually by the user, or set for automatic removal by you

Data protection inquiries

Users can contact one or more designated recipients with specific queries related to data protection. All requests can be logged and shown in an administrative panel.

Consent API & CRM Integrations

API provided by Avandor for integrations with client's CRM and previously obtained consent via different applications

Simple contact form

Avandor allows users to contact the designated recipient with specific queries related to data protection and their rights.

Advanced contact form with user identification

Contact form with user authentication, designated recipients and specific queries. API integration supported with external apps.

Simplified consent reporting

Overview of consent management usage, including number of sessions, consents given and/or changed, what purposes receive consent, unique users.

Differentiated consent strategy

Avandor supports differentiated scenarios that can be configured to match your local regulatory requirements for each processing purpose.

Detailed reports on consent decisions

In-depth reporting on consent stats for purposes/ apps/ companies and user behavior analytics

custom branding

Custom colors, fonts and aspect to match your brand and site specifics

compatible with IAB framework

Compatibility with IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework. Check out for more details.

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Here's how we help respect user's rights →

Right to be informed

  • Detailed information about each application
  • Contact & DPO information on companies
  • Full data trail (storage and handling)
  • Data protection inquiries form
  • Notifications on policy updates
  • Frequently asked questions

Right to object / restrict

  • Permissions per purpose or application
  • Applications start only with consent
  • Consent updates are passed to applications
  • Included rights solicitation form
  • Features to help identify the person
  • Links to apps’ opt-out features

Right to access

  • Complete list of processed data fields
  • Ability to see what is stored in each cookie
  • Links to all companies’ data access features
  • Ability to view external resources loaded
  • Automatic API to review data

Right to be forgotten

  • Ability to clear/delete specific cookies
  • Data removal solicitation form
  • Links to companies’ data removal & opt-out
  • Automatic API to pass delete commands

Right to complain

  • Registration details for all data processors
  • Built-in complaint form (with smart routing)
  • Complaints are stored for later inspection.

Deployment is simple

In most cases, deployment involves adding a code to your site's HEAD section and setting up using the admin interface. Avandor will automatically detect and recognise everything that's running on your site, and will alert you of any newly discovered tracker, in order to set up permissions correctly.

Our team is here to help

We can assist you with the entire setup process, to define a suitable consent strategy, identify data flows and even discuss with your vendors to obtain the right information needed for valid consent. Some plans have support included, while for others it is available as an optional paid service.

We keep up with the changes

We continuously monitor key vendors' privacy policy changes, as well as new technologies being used on a wide scale in order to make sure the information you show to your users is always correct.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why do you charge for pageviews volume?

Because Avandor does a lot of things including serving application tags, our servers normally gets called dynamically at least once for each pageview users make on your site. And if you enable some advanced features, this grows.

Can I just test the product?

Yes, but not for all the versions is the same. The Complete and Enterprise versions include services from our part (especially for the initial deployment). And since services are not refundable, you will still need to pay for them.

If I deploy Avandor, can I import any consents previously obtained?

Yes, but this will not work out of the box. Part of the onboarding process involves mapping your old cookies onto the Avandor Consent. And sometimes a bit of programming.

What happens if my traffic grows above my plan?

You decide: either stop Avandor when it reaches your maximum settings, or simply continue working and charge for the additional volumes.

Where is consent being stored?

Avandor stores consent both on user's device (for fast retrieval) and on our own servers located within the EU zone.

Do you have special offer for non-profits?

Yes, it's quote free.'

What if I have different terms with a vendor than those in the database?

We support customizations of any term within the data processing flow that you may want to change.

Can I connect my existing CRM database?

Yes, the Enterprise version supports APIs to integrate with other systems.

Can I customize the texts on the user interface?

Yes. There are 200+ text items that can be customized directly from the admin interface to fit your exact needs.

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