Understand what's happening

Real-time audience analytics adds an insights layer to your sites & campaigns.

Avandor Audience Analytics shows you what consumer traits are driving action and conversions based on all the data available.

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  • measures everything sites, campaigns, conversion funnels, or simple landing pages;
  • audience profile of all visitors;
  • most engaged customers;
  • top traits that lead to conversion or response
  • data mining capabilities to dig for insights at any scale
  • export of data for other machine learning systems

You own the data

At any and all times, all the data collected & used by the Audience Analytics is yours and yours alone. It is stored in a separate "bucket" belonging to your account and deleted you wish.

All the data is stored in a private Avandor DMP instance.

GDPR considerations

When using the Audience Analytics you are the data controller and Avandor is processing on your behalf. Firing any data collection mechanism will automatically presume you have the appropriate consent for analytics from your users for this activity.

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Our team is here to help

Working with data is quite new to most clients, who find it difficult to integrate it in their day-to-day activities. Our digital agency and marketing background allows us to function also as a "data agency" for some of our clients, providing anything from advice to fully managed service and integration with client's ecosystem.

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