Track more than page visits:

"Data collection on steroids" to help extract the valuable data from plain traffic.

⊛ Avandor SmartPixel can perform various data triggers based on context and on-page behavior across any digital property

A simple visit on a page doesn't say much about the user's real intention. Sometimes it is important to filter just the users that have a special kind of interaction with the page. And here's how we can help:

  • programmable rules to trigger data actions such as collection, segmentation or removal;
  • 60+ criteria that can be combined in thousands of strategies;
  • can be deployed on any site, including your partner's, blogs, etc;
  • only charges for what you collect, not for all traffic analyzed;
  • integrates with any DMP or DSP for retargeting;
  • Built-in within Avandor DMP (no cost)
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The most powerful way to collect the right data:

30 on-page metrics monitored constantly

From the basic time spent on page up to the more complicated active time, scroll depth/direction, on-page engagement, what items were clicked, and going up to viewability for specific content on page.

Triggers for on-page content

You may launch data actions based on combinations of keywords found in specific places (page title, url, description, keywords, main body, only headlines, etc) in order to improve the accuracy of your research. Exclusions also available.

Contextual criteria for triggers

In addition, you can also set your triggers to run depending on date-time parameters (specific dates, hours, weekdays, months), referral, session properties (source, landing page, pages visited, etc)

Use our data to narrow your search

All the data available in the Avandor Exchange about a user can be automatically accessed and used as filter when creating Smartpixel rules. This way, you could only deploy a trigger for women interacting with certain pages.

Data actions you can perform on triggers:

  • drop collection pixels from other systems such as DSPs
  • set, update or remove user metrics (see: Consumer Profiling)
  • add people to segments (see: Avandor DMP)

You own the data flow

The SmartPixel does not collect any data on its own, instead just fires data collection mechanisms of other systems.

If you choose to store it in the Avandor DMP, then we will store it in your own private bucket that gets removed when you say so.

If you store data into other DMPs / systems, make sure your vendor is compliant with the GDPR rules and ackowledges your sole ownership.

GDPR considerations

When using Avandor Smartpixel to collect data both the site owner and you (as data collector) are joint controllers, while Avandor acts as technology processor on your behalf.

The site owner needs to obtain proper consent for profiling purpose before firing your Smartpixel. Learn more about profiling under GDPR here →

We're happy to help

Working with data is quite new to most clients, who find it difficult to integrate it in their day-to-day activities.

Our digital agency and marketing background allows us to function also as a "data agency" for some of our clients, providing anything from advice to fully managed service and integration with client's ecosystem.

Different organizations have been successfully using the Smartpixel for a while now, including very complicated use cases in the fields of HR recruitment, political marketing, ecommerce and brand marketing.

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